Infrastructural Development of Agricultural Products in the Republic of Kazakhstan

doi 10.17059/2019-2-19
UDC: 338.43.01

V. F. Stukach, G. K. Saparova, G. T. Sultanova, S. A. Saginova

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This article explores the dependence of the agro-industrial products of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the development level of rural production, social and transport infrastructure. The paper presents main trend of the indices of the agribusiness infrastructural development in the Republic of Kazakhstan according to the time series based on the statistical data of Kazakhstan. The study revealed that the level of endowment in social and industrial infrastructure of agriculture in Kazakhstan remains extremely unstable. This circumstance can consequently form a tendency for a decline and even degradation of the Kazakh villages. As a result, it can lead to a violation and decline of the reproductive processes in the agribusiness, which, in turn, will negatively affect the endowment in products from agricultural raw materials. Hence, the formation and development of the agribusiness infrastructure is seen as an indispensable condition for the effective interaction of the actors of the main and auxiliary production, contributing to the development of general prerequisites for the growth and development of agricultural products. The results of the research can be used by the state in investing social, transport and production development of the village to ensure food security. Agricultural development of rural areas in Kazakhstan based on improving the infrastructure will increase the welfare of rural workers, solve the problem of quality food for the population of the country, and take an active part in the global task of eradicating hunger on the planet.

Keywords: agribusiness, agrarian products, food security, agriculture, infrastructure, gross output, production process, social infrastructure, rural population, investment attractiveness